PRO Farms

Our farm uses organic farming principles in Santa Barbara County alongside a riverbed at the center of some of the USA’s finest agricultural land. This area is also widely acclaimed as one of the world’s best climate regions for growing cannabis. Our farm is located a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in a valley between the Purisima and Santa Rita Hills mountain ranges. These ranges run east to west, a rare configuration allowing the ocean fog to roll in during the late afternoon and burn off by morning, delivering an ideal combination of warm days and cool nights.  

Our unique, organic farm has a clay-like surface layer loaded with ancient minerals (such as enriching calcium and diatomaceous earth) with a sandy layer of soil beneath the surface. This breathable lower layer allows our roots to grow deep, healthy and strong. We plant straight into the ground in raised beds lined with drip tape. Our use of drip tape in hoop houses greatly reduces our water consumption, making our process completely clean while increasing sustainability. Fresh from the fields, we harvest and hand-trim with care.

At a Glance

  • Farm location: Lompoc Valley in Santa Barbara County
  • We hold California state licenses for nursery, canopy cultivation, processing, and distribution.
  •  We specialize in premium flower, trim, and fresh frozen products which we provide to the most renowned brands in California.
  • Our outdoor, sun-grown cultivation techniques reduce our energy and water consumption, thus significantly minimizing our carbon footprint.

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