PRO Farms - Lake County

PRO Farms’ newest cannabis cultivation location is in gorgeous Lake County, CA. Lake County is located in the heart of Northern California, just two hours from the Golden Gate Bridge and the same distance from the Sacramento Valley. Lake County is named in recognition of beautiful Clear Lake in the center of the county.

Geologists believe that Clear Lake may be the oldest lake in North America, with lakes existing at its site for approximately 2.5 million years. Clear Lake was born when a huge landslide dammed the headwaters of Cold Creek, blocking westward water flow into the Russian River. Water filled the level valley. The rising waters eventually found an outlet in Cache Creek, which drained eastward into the Sacramento River.

Our newest farming ranch is a spectacular, multi-use site which includes lakes, a trail system for hiking, biking, equestrian activities and an archery range. It’s also been a working ranch since the 1800’s including gardening, cattle ranching, and cannabis cultivation. We’re surrounded by beautiful mountains, mature trees, wildflowers, wild animals, birds, and fish in our lakes. The location has an ideal Mediterranean temperate climate, exceptional seasons, mild winters and plenty of sun.

All this makes our new Northern California farm an ideal place to grow cannabis and the perfect spot for PRO Farms’ second cultivation location.

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