“We’re proud of the quality of the products we produce and the reputation we’ve earned.  We’re even more proud of the team we’ve built and the positive environment we’ve created for our employees.”

Wil – CEO | Founder

Our Culture

Since 2012, our goal has been to build a family owned business committed to excellence in every facet of farming and farm-to-market principles.  Our company’s foundation is built on treating our employees like family and treating our clients, neighbors, vendors and the land with utmost appreciation and respect. Our farm, our team and our organic approach to growing is what makes us unique,  and our commitment to compliance, a good neighbor policy and sustainable cultivation of the highest quality CBD–and THC–rich cannabis is our trademark. 

As a family owned business, we’re also dedicated to social responsibility.  We respect the law and conduct our business in an ethical and community focused way. We give back to worthy organizations that are committed to helping those less fortunate and in need where we live and work.  Striving to do good things is our way of life.

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“PRO Farms has given me an incredible opportunity.  I am a single mother of three young children and the company has given me a job I love that also pays me well enough to take care of my family.  I also have been given the flexibility and compassion that has allowed me to go back to school and continue my studies.”


Farm Operations Assistant

“PRO Farms has given me a career opportunity that has truly been a blessing in my life.  I can now comfortably provide for my five year old son and for every new door that opens for me, my son gets to walk through with me. The success I’m having at PRO Farms has not only benefitted me, but it has trickled down to my son, my brothers and my father. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for PRO Farms and the opportunities the company has given me.”


Assistant Project Manager

“The people at PRO Farms are good neighbors and I’m pleased that they brought their family owned project to Lompoc Valley. Their endeavors exemplify the agricultural heritage of our area and their farm is a benefit to our community because of the respect and care they have devoted to the planning, compliance and implementation of their business plan.”


General Manager | Berchtold Equipment Company

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