Our "Gold Standard" Quality

Because of the broad spectrum of natural sunlight, cooling winds, and rich soil in Santa Barbara County, our outdoor, sun-grown cannabis plants are not only truly natural, they also yield remarkably pure and beneficial THC cannabinoid profiles. We grow and harvest in accordance with the natural ebb and flow of the seasons and we produce a wide variety of extensively tested, graded and compliant products. Through our organic growing practices we strive to cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

We remain current with all cultivation requirements of the State of California and Santa Barbara County jurisdiction regulations. We have permitted and licensed cultivation facilities and adhere closely to current regulations with all our farming and business practices. We look for wholesale partners who, like us, are licensed and long-term focused. We’ve created an environment where we can solely focus on growing and selling the highest quality THC rich cannabis. All of our products are tested for mold, mildew, pesticide residue, and potency, ensuring that our clients receive products that are reliable, consistent, and of the highest quality.

Current Product Offerings

Fresh Frozen

Taking advantage of our unique microclimate and location, our fresh frozen product expresses exceptionally high terpene content. Our method is to fresh harvest, process, package and then freeze the material between 45 to 60 minutes from harvest.  This prevents degradation of the precious, fresh cannabinoids. We package in nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealed, high quality bags.


Our flower expresses some of the best aromas and terpene profiles in California. Our range of potency is consistently 18% to 30% and passes all state testing requirements for pesticides, and microbials. Growing outdoors, we’re able to harness the best of natural sunlight and growing conditions to provide the densest and highest quality buds. Our unique drying, curing and packaging methods help retain and deliver the industry’s highest quality product.

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