Great Reasons You Should Try CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been a heavily researched, hot topic in the marijuana world. As one of two main components of the cannabis plant, CBD is gaining popularity among health researchers and those seeking natural health benefits, due to the lack of “high” produced and the remarkable health benefits it has been proven to provide. Read the full article, published in GFarma News, to learn 7 reasons to try CBD oil. 

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Women to be more likely than men to use CBD

The largest survey on cannabidiol(CBD) usage so far has found women to be more likely than men to use CBD. It also showed that once they started using it, they were likely to drop other traditional methods of medicine. The survey of 150,000 cannabis patients looked into the usage of CBD products and how well they work. The patients were surveyed on HelloMD, an online community that links cannabis patients with doctors. The survey found that 55% of the CBD users were women, while men preferred the THC-dominant products. This is contrary to the common assumption that men are the most predominant users of cannabis.

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Amazing Health Benefits of THC

Popular myth has it that only the non-psychoactive CBD (Cannabidiol) component of the cannabis plant holds medicinal value, not the psychoactive THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) property. The fact is that both CBD and THC have proven therapeutic properties. Cannabis is a naturally grown plant that has been used for medicinal benefits for thousands of years. It’s a safe and effective form of medicine for a wide range of people. The plant has medically proven benefits which explains why more people are willing to give cannabis a chance in hopes it will relieve a medical disease or condition with which they have been living. THC alone contains miraculous healing properties and benefits. Although its been suggested the most beneficial use of cannabis comes from using it in whole plant form (combining THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids), let’s look at how beneficial THC can be by itself. 

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